Exclusive Interview with Lubna Rafiq in Bollywood Glitz Issue 11

Interview with Lubna Rafiq For Bollywood Glitz Magazine

Lubna recently delivered an exclusive interview to Bollywood Glitz for their 11th issue, revealing some history, latest trends and future projects. You can see the clipping from the interview here, followed by a transcript from the interview below. Enjoy!!


A lady who has mastered the art of makeup-up, internationally recognised and a pioneer in the Asian bridal make-up scene…Lubna Rafiq is an expert when it comes to enhancing beauty and bringing glamour to girls worldwide. With a list of celebrities as clients, Lubna Rafiq is a trusted name in the make-up industry; her credentials and experience have allowed her to grow into a reputable brand synonymous with perfection and beauty. Now with the Lubna Rafiq Academy and a specialised range of quality products, her methodology and pefected practice continues to inspire budding make-up enthusiasts across the Globe. We catch up with Lubna to get an insight into her world of make-up…

When was the first time you realised you wanted to become a makeup artist? Was this always something you wanted to do?
I’ve always been inspired by creativity and colour, and in my childhood, I would play makeup with my sister every chance we got. Today, me and Uzma are professional and well respected hair and makeup artists, and this has developed through our dedication and love for enhancing women’s beauty.

In a market that is saturated with makeup artists, how do you stand out? What is it that sets you aside from other makeup artists?
Every makeup artist who is worth their salt has a great passion for what they do, but what makes us really stand out is a three course recipe: 1. Great Service, 2. Exceptional Quality and 3. Relentless Drive to Inspire. Lubna Rafiq is no longer just an individual, but a brand too, which as you say, sets us apart from other artists.

In 2005 you established the Lubna Rafiq Academy (LRA), how has this been going? How did you devise your teaching programme and what can students expect to learn at the LRA?
LRA started out as a response to demand from individuals to learn and to be able to put in practice my makeup skills and techniques. Today, nine years on, we are a household name, known for our exceptional training methodology which truly transfers skills, techniques and confidence to budding makeup and hair artists, with the ultimate objective of empowering aspiring business women. There’s a long list of successful makeup and hair artists who have trained with me, and we continue to develop a growing community of talented artists.

During your time in the industry, you have worked on major events featuring a lot of A-list celebrities. Who was the most interesting person you did make-up for and why?
There’s a long list of A-list celebrities that I’ve had the pleasure of working with including Shushmita Sen, Karina Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Jacqueline Fernandez, SRK, Shahid Kapoor to name but a few, and whilst I love beautifying celebs, my real celebrities are my brides – being part of such a special moment in a woman’s life and giving her a lifetime of beautiful memories to reflect on is my real passion.

Who is your favourite Bollywood style icon?
Karina Kapoor has to be my fave by far, simply because she is always on point when it comes to style! Less is so much more on her!

What would be your ultimate top tips for everyday make-up?
Cleanse, tone, moisturise – followed by a dewy base, and light, neutral colours with shimmer tones, to reflect day light. It definitely has the wow-factor without being overpowering.

You also have your own range of Lubna products. How did you source out these products?
Lots of research, development, testing and design has led to Lubna Products. My lashes in particular are a favourite amongst celebs and many established makeup artists, who choose my brand over some of the biggest!

What advice can you give any of our readers who want to follow your footsteps?
My success has been due to a number of factors. Firstly, my love for makeup is undying! Secondly, I work an 8 day week, totally committed and driven to taking my work to the next level (and this continues to this day!). Thirdly, sharing my work with the public has given me a great insight into what people think of my work, and having such a huge following that has developed over the years had added to my confidence as both an artist and an individual. Lastly, humility – never forgetting my roots, always aspiring for greater, and ever grateful for every bit of good.

What are your top trends for makeup this season?
The Moghul theme has been a real hit this season, which we have showcased and led the inspiration for in the hair and makeup industry (see the Uzma Rafiq campaign currently on B4U Music). We’ve seen this recreated by so many artists who have been inspired by our work, as well as variations based on this theme. Classical hair and makeup, with a modern twist – this is the top trend this season for our clients.

What exciting projects have you got coming up?
I will be launching a new campaign very soon which we are very excited about, it’s quite different from my trademark, signature looks, whilst still having the “Lubna Rafiq” finish, and this will be aired on B4U very soon – that’s all I can share about this for now 😉 Also, working with the B4U family, I have a series of makeup tutorials that will be launched and aired exclusively on B4U Music very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Many more projects in the oven, so watch this space!

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