Gracing the cover of Asian Bride #36 – who else could it be?

When the team over at Asian Bride Magazine requested us to grace the cover of their 36th issue, we humbly accepted. It’s been quite some time since we put our skills to print in an Asian magazine, having been so overwhelmed with clients and training courses over the past couple of years, but who better to give a fresh, bridal and summer gleam to the biggest “bride guide” mag in town?

The concept of a fresh and floral theme to compliment the natural beauty of a radiant Asian bride was born from a brainstorming session at LRA HQs with AB’s wonderful editor J Wimal, and it was a pleasure to work with the AB team to produce a cover and shoot that reflects Lubna’s signature looks and techniques with a very current tone.

This cover is most certainly, unmistakably, Lubna Rafiq!

Uzma’s stunning, inspiring and creative hairstyles continue to pave the path for so many aspiring hair artists and stylists, with no less attention given to details on the sensational cover models. See more of her work on

We also have a special treat for you inside the magazine: together with Lubna’s “How to get the cover look” piece, you’ll find a selection of our finest Senior Artists – graduates of Lubna Rafiq Academy and members of the Lubna Rafiq Agency – showcasing their work in a Hall of Fame.

The mag is out tomorrow, Thursday 20th June 2013, and available at your local WHSmiths, so grab a copy hot off the press!

If you are thinking about learning the skills to become a Professional Makeup Artist and to join the Lubna Rafiq Agency, call us on 07903 53 68 37 – before you do, see how LRA has changed the lives of so many individuals:

For makeup and hair services, please contact us on 07939 15 44 00.

Asian Bride Magazine #36 Cover Below: Makeup by Lubna Rafiq. Hair by Uzma Rafiq. Assisted by Azbah Ali. Outfits by Onitaa London.


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