Launching a new range for No.7 – who else could it be?…

Lubna Rafiq was honoured to launch a new range of makeup and cosmetic products for No.7, at a red carpet event laid out for our very own Celebrity Makeup Artist!

Owner of the No.7 brand, Boots, requested Lubna to cut the ribbon and inaugurate their new and improved concession at their flagship Luton store, as well as demonstrating how to use a selection of their new products during peak-time shopping!

The event was very well received by customers and staff; Lubna performed two demonstrations on Boots staff members: one very natural and elegant makeup look, contrasted with a dramatic Smokey Eyes demonstration with an evening feel.

As always, Lubna’s presence raised a crowd, and there was no shortage of visitors eager to soak in the tips and tricks that have made Lubna Rafiq Academy a household name.

Yasmin Malik, Deputy Store Manager, had this to say: “I am so overwhelmed that Lubna Rafiq is in our store! Not only has her presence motivated my team and given them some vital tips on how to demonstrate our products to customers more effectively, we have also benefitted from an increase in footfall today!”.

Lubna was truly humbled to receive such a warm welcome by visitors and the store team, and this could be the start of a very strong relationship with No.7…

Here’s a selection of images that will give you a sneak peak at how Lubna rocked No.7 at Boots!


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