Helping Croydon ICT buy their Masjid!

We need YOUR support!
All you have to do is call in.
This Friday. Between 9pm and 3am. 020 3397 0861.
watch LIVE on SKY 843 or 


Lubna Rafiq is a strong supporter of her local community, and as such, is generously helping Croydon Islamic Community Trust to buy their Masjid.

Croydon Islamic Community Trust (, also known as Croydon ICT, has continued to respond to the needs of its growing and diverse community, providing a place for the regular daily prayers in the heart of Croydon, focussed on the social and spiritual development and support of the entire community.

They have a committed focus on developing our local youth, and guiding them away from gang and crime culture – Croydon Council has commended them on their excellent work of getting young people off the streets and into work!

There are clear lines of synergy between Croydon ICT and Lubna Rafiq Academy – the Academy also has a strong focus on developing young people into dedicated and responsible professionals, with valuable skills and knowledge.

The Masjid is well over capacity – in response to this, they just began renting the 2nd floor of the building which they currently occupy, increasing capacity from 400 to 800 – they are STILL overcrowded! And of course, the rent has more than doubled!

The only long term solution is to buy the Masjid – the price is £1.5 mil, and once purchased, the Masjid will be 100% self sustainable.

As part of the campaign to buy our Masjid, Croydon ICT will be appealing LIVE on Ramadan TV, SKY 843 this Friday, 27th July 2012 from 9pm to 3am.

We kindly request you to call in on 020 3397 0861 with your kind words of support, and donate as much as you can LIVE on AIR to encourage others to do the same.

Without your support, the appeal will not be a success.


How can you help?
1. Call in with your words of support and generous donations
2. Make the image above the COVER of your Facebook Profile / Page and share it 
3. Share the following message on your Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, BB Messenger, Text Message etc:

Croydon ICT will be appearing on Ramadan TV (SKY 843) on Friday 27 July from 9pm till 3am. All we ask is for you to call 020 3397 0861 on the night, say a good word, and donate generously. Please spread the word, and check out these video clips to learn more about the uniqueness of Croydon ICT: Don’t have SKY? watch us online on www.ramadan.tvJazakAllahukhairun for your support. Croydon ICT Management.


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